Joe Coughlin Interviewed for Informed Choice Radio on the Longevity Economy

MIT AgeLab Founder and Director Joseph Coughlin appears on the Informed Choice Radio podcast to discuss his new book, The Longevity Economy. Among other topics, he talks about how businesses have failed to respond to the wants and needs of older consumers:

“… This is the greatest opportunity, frankly, I would argue in [the history of] humankind. We certainly have had older people in the past, [but ] we’ve never seen it on this scale. Businesses are getting it wrong because they are succumbing to an old story of what they think old age is. They think that older adults are needy and greedy. They think that they are, shall we say, only needing those things that one would equate with being an infant, such as soft foods, and walkers, and wheelchairs. They only sell us visions of retiring and going away. And they believe that we don’t buy, or older adults don’t buy, because we’re not interested in the new.”

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