Testimonials & Reviews:

“I loved this book. It’s thought-provoking, insightful, and unexpectedly fun. You’ll learn about what we get wrong about a world where people live a long time, how innovators botch serving such people, and how everyone from families to companies can do a lot better. With fantastic stories of runaway successes and hilarious flops alike (“Senior Food” anyone?), Coughlin demonstrates how design and innovation can change the way we age.”
Atul Gawande, author of Being Mortal

“Joe Coughlin has proven that the time has come to create a new narrative of possibility in old age. In The Longevity Economy, he not only defines that better narrative—he shows businesses how to lead in creating it and how to profit from the opportunities it provides.”
JoAnn Jenkins, CEO, AARP

“Joe Coughlin’s The Longevity Economy is a can’t-miss business book. He has done a terrific job exploding “old age” as a concept. The magnificent result―at once forward-looking, hilariously irreverent, and engaging―serves as an indispensable road map for how to take full advantage of life’s ever-lengthening third act. As I’ve found among the world’s longest-lived people, celebrating older people is a key ingredient. The Longevity Economy shows us how to harness the skills of the wisest people among us and help them―and everyone around them―live longer.”
Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow and author of The Blue Zones

“In The Longevity Economy, Joe Coughlin offers keen insights into the aging population and how it is transforming our society and economy. Longer lifespans will revolutionize the way we live and offer incredible new opportunities, but will also require a new rigor in the way people plan and save for their later years. Coughlin’s work is helping raise awareness of the demographic shifts, helping build critical understanding of the need for individuals, businesses and policymakers alike to adapt and change for the future.”
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., President and CEO, TIAA

“This book is classic Coughlin, complete with real-life examples too big to ignore and too interesting to forget. Longevity Economy doesn’t just make you rethink the role of consumer insights and trends, it forces you to re-imagine their impact.”
Stephanie Linnartz, International Global Chief Commercial Officer, Marriott

“Forget what you ‘think’ you know about aging. The landscape of later life has been transformed, and thanks to Joe Coughlin we now have a GPS to guide us through this exciting new world.”
Andy Sieg, head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

“Demographics and economics meet in this oddly cheering book about the world’s aging population. Geezers of the world, unite; you’re a member of the baby boom, you’re about to reassert your role as a huge market force.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The author’s evangelism is contagious. Convinced that home sharing, grocery delivery, and online dating sites are examples of services that transcend age in their appeal, he makes a striking case for putting a new, less generically young and male face on entrepreneurship, product design, and marketing. His book should inspire entrepreneurs of all generations to dust off their best business plans and make products that are exciting for all ages and abilities.”
Publisher’s Weekly

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